After years of working very closely together, we are proud to announce that Juicy Ohms is now a part of the Beyond Vape family of premium juice lines. Being a part of the Beyond Vape family means that Juicy Ohms will not only maintain its high quality and dedication to its customers, but will continue to evolve in an ever-changing vaping industry. Part of this evolution is the inclusion of SAGE NICOTINE SALTS into Juicy Ohms’ premium flavors.

Here at Beyond Vape, we believe that what sets us apart is our insatiable desire to find the best liquids and ingredients available, sourced right here in the USA. We manufacture all of our flavors on site in small batches for best results. All of our flavors are produced in a completely sterile laboratory environment by qualified technicians with strict adherence to the highest standards in the industry.

Rest assured knowing that when you purchase Juicy Ohms e-liquid, your VG and PG are 100% USP food grade kosher, and our SAGE NICOTINE SALTS are pure pharmaceutical grade. At Beyond Vape, every customer is valued and we thrive on providing only the highest quality service and products.


SAGE NICOTINE SALTS has three strong benefits over traditional nicotine:

1. Instant Satisfaction
SAGE NICOTINE SALTS has a much higher absorption rate than traditional nicotine, and is delivered to your system much faster.

2. Intense Flavor
The chemical composition of SAGE NICOTINE SALTS is formulated to be much closer to natural tobacco, which gives SAGE a much smoother taste, allowing all of the flavors of Juicy Ohms to stand out ever more.

3. Sub-ohm Friendly
Sage Nicotine Salts in low concentrations enables traditional vapers to enjoy their favorite e-juices with more satisfaction and more flavor at a lower resistance. Unlike most nicotine salts on the market, Sage Nicotine Salts are offered in 3mg and 6mg.



Juicy Ohms™ is a premium line of flavors that seeks the finest ingredients for crafting unique e-liquids. That’s why Juicy Ohms™ is known for MAKING OHMS TASTE BETTER! We believe what sets us apart is our insatiable desire to find the best liquids and ingredients in the market, sourced in the USA. 



Inspired by the heavenly goodness of toaster pastry tastiness, Toasty blends your favorite breakfast snack flavors into a purely decadent, all-day-vape: Crisp, golden crust stuffed with mouthwatering, strawberry filling, topped with luscious layers of creamy frosting, and bedazzled with sweet, strawberry sprinkles.



Seduce your senses with Jenna: An intoxicating fusion of sweet, sexy strawberries and stimulating sour--this enticing blend will knock your socks off. Bursting with delicious decadence, Debbie blends fresh blueberry with tart pomegranate to make a perfect pair of sensual flavors. The drippers always score with Debbie.



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